Board Members

Portraits by Dionisia Ray

Tristen Paige
Board Member, President

As Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tristen is responsible for fundraising, strategy, facilitation of projects locally, nationally, and mission trips abroad. Tristen has dedicated her life to loving God by serving people through transitional development and community outreach initiatives working in the gaps to unify, edify, and equip those in need. Tristen holds a Masters in Theology and Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Bachelors in Business Marketing. She is a Brand Ambassador for God Is Dope ministerial apparel based in Atlanta, Georgia. The partnership uses their influence to bring awareness of the Gospel to millennials and creates a lifestyle of serving, community involvement, and worship. Tristen is an unashamed survivor of domestic violence, a voice for the oppressed, and an advocate for unification of the community, and church, cross-culturally and cross-generationally.

Dionisia Ray
Board Member, Photographer

A natural people-person, Dionisia Ray has spent a lifetime helping others. Her specialty is in human-centered design where her focus and work is based on designing products and services with the people who will use them in-mind. Her use of these skills within the Turning Paiges organization helps us to tailor events and services to more closely meet the needs of the community we serve. Additionally, Dionisia is a gifted photographer and is inspired to use her talents to document our charitable events and respectfully showcase the souls and lives that Turning Paiges touches.  

Arif Merritt
Board Member, Creative

Arif Merritt partnered with Turning Paiges at the beginning of its formation. He has logged thousands of hours as a Board Member contributing significantly to the technical and creative support of the organizations vision. Arif holds a Bachelors in Architecture from University of Houston and a Masters from Stanford in Artificial Intelligence. He is an inventor, Art Director, Interactive Designer and Developer. Arif has long held the desire to help others and is a founding member of an organization that fosters the growth of African American college students through community outreach. His personal interest include art, travel, music and soccer. Arif speaks three languages and puts God first in all that he does.


Angel Brown-Reveles
Board Member, Legal Counsel

Angel Brown Reveles has been exclusively practicing family law in the Dallas area since graduating from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. As a trained mediator, she is passionate about helping others reach an amicable solution in life's most trying times. Angel has very strong advocacy skills in litigation and high conflict cases. Angel uses her background and life experiences to help her clients and Turning Paiges in the most compassionate and effective manner possible. As an undergraduate student at Rice University, Angel served as a foster parent for disadvantaged and underprivileged middle and high school students. Angel is passionate for protecting at risk youth and is a fluent Spanish speaker.  


Erica Pitts
Board Member, Operations

Erica Pitts serves as the Director of Operations. Erica holds a Bachelors in Business Marketing from Texas State University and has ten years of experience in wealth management and administration. Erica began partnering with Turning Paiges in the fall of 2012 as a volunteer. She expanded her participation in Turning Paiges from volunteer to Director of Operations in 2014, covering event and donation coordination and played a key role in achieving our 501c3 federal tax exempt status. Her efforts have helped to expand our philanthropic and development programs in the Dominican Republic, California, and Texas. She enjoys the outdoors, loves water sports, travel, and cooking. Her tenacity, drive, and thoroughness provide a solid cornerstone to the foundation of the Turning Paiges organization.  


Founding Supporters


Tiffany Wade
Public Relations

Tiffany is city influencer and has been a faithful volunteer to the organization. She has contributed her time, talents, and resources to advancing the Turning Paiges mission and expanding the organizations reach into additional sectors of the Dallas community. Tiffany partnered Turning Paiges with Kendra Scott in Preston Center. The collaboration allowed Turning Paiges to host a successful in-store fundraising initiative which also brought awareness to the fight against domestic violence.  


Albert Veytia
SMU, Director

Albert is the Director of Equipment for the SMU football team. Albert partnered with Turning Paiges as a bridge with SMU athletes. Albert inspired SMU athletes and staff to get actively involved in donating to the Sole Saving shoe drive. Albert has lead their giving of hundreds of brand new sneakers to Sole Saving benefiting the homeless community. Albert has also logged many volunteer hours and support to the organization.  


Laila F.
Laila Loves Ministry

Laila Loves is a ministry dedicated to CRAFTing care packages in hopes that sharing God's love through art will bring inspiration to those in need of a smile. Laila is an avid Turning Paiges volunteer.