For Immediate Release:

September 1st - 30th


Sole Saving Shoe Drive for Souls In Need

Dallas, Texas, August 19, 2016 - For the month of September, Turning Paiges will launch its 3rd annual Sole Saving campaign, an initiative dedicated to fighting the devastating impact of poverty by providing brand new and slightly used shoes to at risk youth, family survivors of abuse, after fire victims, and the homeless. Since it began, Sole Saving has distributed thousands of pairs of shoes in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Los Angeles area. Turning Paiges is asking the community in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to join their team and take a step for the cause by joining SOLE SAVING for Souls In Need starting on Thursday, September 1, 2016 running through September 30, 2016.


Sole Saving:

Is organizing shoe drop locations around the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex area. Current partnerships include the Southern Methodist University football program, Steadfast Fitness Performance Facility (developed by Isaiah Stanback - former Dallas Cowboy, Super Bowl XLVI Champion and Jared Harrison - former University of North Texas Wide Receiver), D1 Sports Training Facility, and contributions from many local businesses, professional athletes, and willing individuals.

"We look forward to contributing to the shelters and programs that serve children and families across the Metroplex, "said Erica Pitts, Board Member for Turning Paiges. "The Sole Saving initiative is just one way that Turning Paiges and local community partners are able to make a difference not only in North Texas communities, but in cities throughout the US in which Turning Paiges operates."


Distribution Center:

Donated shoes will be distributed to Austin Street Shelter, Door of Hope, City Square, and individuals experiencing crisis causing immediate need of contribution.


Join the Cause:

To become a Sole Saving Sponsor, visit where you'll also find drop locations, ambassador information, and affiliated organizations, or contact us at On September 1, 2016, post a photo of your Sole Saving drop box or donation on lnstagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #SoleSaving and #TurningPaiges. This will generate a virtual tidal wave of new awareness for the Sole Saving mission, which in turn will inspire even more people to donate and collect the thousands of shoes that the Dallas-based organization distributes each year.


Media Awareness:

Dallas Morning News - "The poverty statistics in Dallas are staggering: 38 percent of our children live in poverty, and Dallas has the highest rate of children's poverty among cities with 1 million or more residents." These families, our homeless neighbors, and in crisis transition living youth and adults, simply cannot afford adequate footwear. Lacking proper footwear, countless children, men, and women will become infected with disease, fungi, back problems, extreme burns, and psychological deficits causing lifelong suffering and debilitation. In addition to the health benefits, wearing a decent pair of new shoes can also provide people with a measure of self-esteem and confidence they may have been previously lacking.

"I truly believe that every donation, no matter how large or small, makes a difference," said Turning Paiges founder, Tristen Paige. "I am excited that so many organizations will participate in Sole Saving and partner with us to support our local community here in Dallas. These are the same people who work tirelessly and selflessly to keep our community vital and strong."


Our Purpose:

President Tristen Paige Wilson states, "Our aim is to be an ambassador of change, a friend to all, and intentional about fighting for those living in the margins by first honoring the dignity of every human being." Sole Saving operates to meet a physical need and in return also meets spiritual and psychological needs by contributing to ones confidence and need to feel loved and not forgotten.


About Turning Paiges, Inc.:

Turning Paiges is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to loving and building people through initiatives created to unify, edify and equip people with the tools to turn the pages in their life no matter the circumstance. Founded by philanthropist and community activist Tristen Paige in 2012, Turning Paiges, Inc. is committed to building a stronger community by touching lives across the country through ministry, testimonies, prayer, seminars and various charitable events.