The Overflow by Brenda Rivas-Brightmon

Tristen Paige attended my home church, The Verge Dallas campus (renamed Limitless Church), and shared her testimony about two years ago.  I was new in my walk with Jesus, and seeing a young woman be bold and stand for Jesus gave me so much hope. 

She was the first person who had ever shared her testimony that I could relate to. See, I had always seen older adults living their life out for God, and this was my first time seeing a young woman in her mid 20’s share her life-transforming testimony with others.  I am very shy, and through her transparency, by sharing her testimony, I got the courage and desire to serve, and I began serving in the Youth and Children’s Ministry at my church, The Verge Dallas. The first time I heard her testimony I did not have the courage to speak to her that day, but I knew in my heart the day would come where I would have the blessing of being part of her ministry, Turning Paiges. I began to follow her non-profit organization on social media, and soon after she began a weekly conference call named “A Call to Prayer” which is devoted to sharing the Word of God, testimonies, and prayers.

Through her weekly conference call, I saw how God was working in her life, and I have seen her growth and maturity spiritually.  One night during the conference call, God gave me the courage to speak during the conference call; I could no longer hold back what God was doing and the transformation that was occurring. 

As young believers, we sometimes think that once we surrender our lives to Jesus and that because we have accepted His grace and love that the turmoil and hardships will end.  On the other hand, Tristen has always been transparent and willing to share her journey with others and build a community of believers who are part of one body. There is comfort when other believers share their struggles and how the power of faith in God, His Word, and prayer can bring peace and joy in any circumstance. I have had the honor to be part of her ministry to help feed the homeless in Dallas. I was part of a community of believers gathered to help feed hundreds of homeless people in the city of Dallas, and that was one of my most spiritually rewarding experiences I have ever encountered!

Turning Paiges represents the love of Jesus.  Through Turning Paiges, I have found that true joy lies in serving and loving other people. The ministry sees no boundaries, color, race, or gender but that through Jesus Christ we are one body, with different parts, that come together to bring glory to God! Thanks Tristen for your transparency, and for being vulnerable! Your genuine desire to love and share the love of Jesus is present in all you do, and I pray that God continues to use you until the return of our Savior, Jesus Christ. You love on everyone, and have always been available to offer help, advice, and prayer.

Thank you Turning Paiges, and the work you have done for the Lord. For several years, I have envisioned starting a ministry that embraces God’s grace and shares the love of Jesus.  Seeing Turning Paiges has given me the confidence that we as young adults can make a change to our generation, and bring glory to God through his one and only Son, Jesus Christ!

Keep Turning Paiges!