Turning Paiges Transforms Dallas

Turning Paiges was thrilled to have partnered with the Dallas Leadership Foundation with a commitment to serve at the Interfaith Housing Coalition on Saturday April 8th from 9am to 12p. Interfaith Dallas provides transitional housing, training, and support services for homeless families. Turning Paiges time was spent with Interfaith included assisting with housing beautification projects, preparing units for families arrivals. The units begin bare and with great intentionality volunteers worked to fill the units with absolutely everything a family will need while focusing on fulfilling what Interfaith calls the three P's - practical, purposeful, and personal.

The units are cleaned, filled with furniture, art work, groceries, toiletries, kitchen ware, cleaning supplies, all basic necessities and personal touches to make moving in easy and special. Interfaith takes pride in creating high quality living spaces so that families in need moving in feel at home, at peace, and proud. Interfaith strives to make situations that may seem like rock bottom feel like a step up. To continue to help the family stay up, interfaith provides a equipping programs, and upon completion of those programs, when the family moves out they get to take all of the furniture in the apartment with them. Interfaith does this because they believe that it is no point in helping someone get ahead if when they leave they have to start all over again. Turning Paiges was grateful to lend their hands and hearts with Interfaith Housing Coalition located at 5600 Ross Ave. Dallas, Tx.