Inspired and Changed!

Testimony written and submitted by Steven H.
Photography by Dionisia Ray

"Her ministry has strengthened my marriage, and has enabled me to be a great father that seeks to minister to them versus logging in more hours at work, just to bring in money." -Steven H.

"Her ministry has strengthened my marriage, and has enabled me to be a great father that seeks to minister to them versus logging in more hours at work, just to bring in money." -Steven H.

What can I say about Tristen Paige. I love this woman of God and I feel her energy and passion for Christ is what can impact a change in our generation.

In an era of selfies, Instagram models and lust over love, I have found a true woman of God that is not ashamed of her beauty, her message or her God. Most beautiful young ladies are spending all their time and energy on finding a man, while they are still young or trying to pursue a career so that they can acquire earthly treasures. Most women have been brought up in the church, but have abandoned the Lord with the promise of serving the Lord once they get older, married and settled down. So why would a beautiful, single woman use her energy to serve the Lord in the prime of her life instead of following the norm of society is what makes Tristen truly revolutionary.

The reason that I am so inspired by this young woman is because of her personal testimony and how the love of God has changed the direction of her life. When Tristen speaks, it is full of power that goes far beyond her small frame. Her message comes out pure, unfiltered and unapologetic. The intensity of her anger towards the enemy, only matches the intensity of her love for our God. She is well aware of the enemy’s tactics and how he attempts to destroy our bodies, our minds and our souls, all before we realize our value and our purpose in this world. Tristen speaks boldly and candidly about the enemies attempts to destroy her, and her struggle with although looking perfect on the outside, was inwardly losing her will to live. In these dark moments, Tristen sought God and was able to fight through all these attacks. Although she lost many material possessions and so-called friends and acquaintances, she was able to come forth stronger. Once the enemy realized he could not stop her, he attempted to silence her testimony, hoping that no one would want to her from a young woman who was not raised in the church, who had been abused, and didn’t have the proper pedigree of a minister to proclaim the gospel. It was within this backdrop that I met Tristen. Instead of her growing silent, she grew louder by establishing a weekly prayer call, arranging monthly meet ups with other Christians in her generation that are on fire for the Lord, and establishing a non-profit organization to give back to the community.

In this age of reality TV, where “The Basketball Wives” and staff of “Love and Hip Hop” are able to draw millions of followers worldwide by showcasing who can be the most selfish, ratched or disrespectful, it is truly refreshing to offer an alternative. Tristen is a beautiful image for our young ladies to emulate and for our young gentlemen to see what a "Real" woman looks and sounds like. Tristen uses the same social media platforms that our generation has incorporated into our daily lives. This is important because most church ministries shy away from these platforms hoping that the young people will come to church to hear the word. Well even if they did, that would only account for Sunday, but the enemy is attacking them daily with messages and images through Facebook and Instagram. Tristen utilizes these social platforms to share her stories, her testimonies and her passion and love for God. I was introduced to Tristen through Facebook and was drawn in by her weekly prayer call. I was able to personally met her when she arranged for “prayer callers” to fellowship and worship together at Watermark Church in Dallas. The diversity of the people, ages, testimonies that she draws in only shows how much the anointing of God is on her live. There is not anyone from the people who are homeless that she has created an outreach for, to the people who are graduating with their Doctorate degree that she is not able to reach and share the love of God.

One of Tristen’s unconventional ministries that I feel is ministering to many people is “Saved and Sexy”. Now most church folk would tell you that these two words don't belong in the same sentence, let alone in ministry. But this is why I believe Tristen is breaking many shackles and barriers that the enemy has held on women. See as someone who was born and raised in the church, I know for a fact that we taught that church girls dress and look and act a certain way. This is the reason that many college girls, leave the church and do not come back until they are older, married and many times broken by the world. The church acts like it does not know what to do with a young woman that is maturing; her body is growing and has a fashion sense. So, they are either ignored, or criticized and made to feel like they should dress like the elders in the church. So many women would leave the church not because they did not love the Lord but because they were not accepted as the young ladies that they were becoming. Tristen dresses beautifully, as if she is going to meet her man, walks as if she is on a date with her man and speaks with love and passion as one who is longing to see her man. All of which is true, because her man is the Lord. I can't tell you the power that this image has on this generation. It shows them that it is ok for them to be themselves, while learning and growing in their relationship with God. It shows that we are not accepted by God by our works, or our appearance, but by our love and commitment to him. Tristen has liberated many of our church women who were feeling oppressed and letting them know that it is ok to be "Saved and Sexy".

There are many things I can say about Tristen, but the most prolific is that she is a loving person, who shares the gospel of our Lord with everyone that she encounters. I am proud to call her my friend and to support her ministry in any way possible. She has enriched my life in that although we have encountered different difficulties in life, we both share the unwavering love and grace of God. She has encouraged me on many occasions, revealing to me that I am “enough” and that real women do not judge a man based on his car, money or career, but by his love for God. Her ministry has strengthened my marriage, and has enabled me to be a great father that seeks to minister to them versus logging in more hours at work, just to bring in money. Knowing the impact that she has had on my life, my desire would be for her to launch her ministry onto a bigger scale, utilizing YouTube and traveling to different conferences throughout the country. Her fan base on social media already spans the Tri-Coastal area, and I can see many people outside our country needing to her words of encouragement.