Turning Paiges Feeds | "Bibles and Bones"

Turning Paiges spent Thanksgiving morning serving hot Starbucks coffee and McDonalds sandwiches to the homeless community right outside of The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center in Dallas. The food filled stomachs, smiles filled hearts, but the real fun came when Turning Paiges popped up tables on the streets and invited their homeless neighbors to join them in several games of dominoes! Turning Paiges volunteers trashed talked over dominoes, broke bread, and passed out bibles.

Those they served were pleasantly surprised that Turning Paiges volunteers braved the cold weather and the streets to have some fun with them. In response to the several domino games happening, one of the men living on the streets stated, "This was something different and that exactly what we need - something different!" The day was filled with laughs and a great time for all! It was truly a morning of thanks and giving!