Event: UNITED - A Night of Worship & Prayer

Austin Street Shelter | 2929 Hickory St, Dallas, TX 75226

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 | 7:30pm


Dallas, Texas (July 18, 2016) – Turning Paiges, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to building a stronger community, is hosting “United, A Night of Worship and Prayer” on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 7:30 pm., at the Austin Street Center in Dallas, Texas. Admission is free, and any donations or proceeds will go towards The Austin Street Shelter.

The event will feature community outreach choir, FREA inDEED, as well as Volunteer Deputy Registrar, Christopher Lewis, who will be available onsite to register people to vote.  

“This event is about more than just being right,” said Turning Paiges CEO and Founder, Tristen Paige. “It’s about all parties being understood. I want people to be set free, but I want people to remember why they are alive.” Paige said.

Paige got the idea for “United” following the recent attack on Dallas Police Officers, as well as the events surrounding the controversy regarding injustices and police brutality across the nation.

”This community is everything to me,” Paige said. “Community is about being able to look outward in the same direction. We weren’t meant to do life alone.”


About Turning Paiges, Inc.

Turning Paiges is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to loving and building people through initiatives created to unify, edify and equip people with the tools to turn the pages in their life no matter the circumstance. Founded by philanthropist and community activist Tristen Paige in 2012, Turning Paiges, Inc. is an organization committed to building a stronger community by touching lives across the country through ministry, testimonies, prayer, vision board making seminars, & various charitable events.


About Austin Street Center

Austin Street Center provides safe shelter and meets the basic needs of the most vulnerable homeless. Founded in 1983, Austin Street Center is an emergency shelter that serves men ages 45 and older and women ages 18 and older. Each person who finds shelter with the center is provided a safe place to sleep, showers, clothing, and meals. Once their basic needs are met, they can begin working on other aspects of their lives that will help them transition out of homelessness. Programs and services include Work Readiness Program, Pathway House, Veteran’s Program, Substance Abuse Support, Women’s Program, Spiritual Support, and Onsite partnerships.